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Atlanta Regional

Public Art Program

Unifying the Region Through a Model Public Art Process

The Atlanta Regional Public Art Program provides matching funding through a competitive grant process to help communities install public art across the 10 County Metro Atlanta Region. Each work of art will celebrate a community’s unique identity while symbolizing the commonalities of our region.

For each cycle of funding, the program will provide a unifying regional theme. Participating organizations will select their artists and design a community engagement process to interpret the theme for their communities. The Atlanta Regional Commission will provide training and technical assistance to support the collaborative public art process.

Eligible applicants include local governments, Community Improvement Districts, neighborhood associations and nonprofit organizations from the Atlanta region. The application deadline was August 3, 2015. Winners were announced in early September.


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In the first cycle of funding, applicants will focus on interpreting the theme:


There is ample opportunity to participate in making history in our region.

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Principles for a Regional Public Art Program

The design of this program, the selection of the grant recipients and the creation of the public art pieces should all be based on the following principles:

Representative selection committees of stakeholders: administrators, artists, community members, etc.

Connections to broader community assets and issues

Incorporation of a meaningful community engagement process for the communities in which the art will be located

Well planned administration, guidance and maintenance

Appropriate timelines for engagement, design and installation

Appropriate budgets for materials, community engagement and artist compensation

Application & Guidelines

Communities will be selected by a community selection panel made up of Atlanta committee members, community engagement professionals and artist and design professionals who are based in the Atlanta region.

This application is for government entities, CIDs and 501(c)3 non-profit organizations who are applying for  funds to support the design and installation of public art informed by community engagement and representing the defined regional theme.  Applicants selected will be eligible for grant funding not to exceed $15,000 and require at minimum a 1:1 match.

Deadline to submit is August 3, 2015. Selected communities will be notified by September 4, 2015.

Grant Workshops

Workshops were held June 18 and July 16 to help participants understand the requirements of the public art program and the application process.